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We also have day porters and maids who can be at your facility every day to keep your restrooms clean, your cafeteria clean, keep‍‍‍ your office clean and a host of other tasks.‍‍‍

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Improve your facility’s health with professional cleaning services.

We specialize in commercial cleaning including maintenance of va‍‍‍rious surfaces. We are well equipped to manage the cleaning needs of your buildings.

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Since 1991 JC Janitorial Services is a full service cleaning company based on the experience of experienced professionals. We offer you service proposals tailored to your specific cleaning needs and strive to keep customer service more effective. By selecting JC Janitorial Services as your service provider, your facility will be up to date on environmental regulations.‍‍‍

We are flexible and with superior service

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With our project-based cleaning services, you not only benefit from our expertise and experience, you also have the flexibility to select the one-time service you want, when you want it. Whatever you need, we’re here to help with superior cleaning services that help make your facility look and run great.


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Throughout our 26 year history, the team at JC Janitorial Services has provided janitorial services to many customers who have a wide range of facility types like:

• Office Building including Hi and Mid Rise

• Churches

• Shopping Centers including those with Food Courts

• Amphitheaters

• Schools

• Manufacturing and Industrial PlantsGolf Courses

• Multiple and Single Tenant Buildings

• Medical Buildings

Why Type of Buildings Can You Servi‍‍‍ce?

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